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Poster Film American Hustle
 20 December 2013
Country USA
Crime | Drama
Director David O. Russell
Eric Singer, David O. Russell
Starcast Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper | See full cast and crew »
Rating IMDb 7,9/10
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Seorang pria penipu, Irving Rosenfeld, bersama dengan mitra Inggris nya yang menggairahkan, Sydney Prosser, dipaksa bekerja untuk agen liar FBI, Richie DiMaso. DiMaso mendorong mereka ke dunia Jersey calo kekuasaan dan mafia. Baca ulasan lengkapnya
Review :
Somewhere underneath all the hair and costumes is a fine motion picture called “American Hustle.” It’s a period piece sampling from the style and discomfort of the 1970s, and it’s the latest from writer/director David O. Russell, a helmer currently on a tear with the back-to-back successes of “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” That momentum is halted a bit by “American Hustle,” but the movie remains an evocative, churning inspection of responsibility and deception, only communicated in a Russellian cinematic language that takes some time to get used to. A bizarrely still, tortured caper, the feature offers exceptional performances and a coarse script, yet attention always manages to return to its visual impression, calling up the decade in the strangest ways.

Husband to unhinged wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) and adoptive father to an 8-year-old boy, Irving (Christian Bale) is an unhappy man, glumly running a few legitimate businesses as he samples the criminal life, acting as a middleman for loans while selling counterfeit art. Into his life comes Sydney (Amy Adams), a mysterious woman who takes a shine to Irving, with the two becoming a pair of con artists as they work a routine of manipulation, falling in love along the way. When the pair is busted by federal agent Richie (Bradley Cooper), they’re forced into duty to avoid jail time, tasked with setting up the mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Carmine (Jeremy Renner), who’s looking for a sizable amount of cash to help jumpstart casino gambling in Atlantic City. Sucked into a friendship with his mark, Irving can’t take the charade, a problem compounded when the mob enters the picture, led by Victor (Robert De Niro). For Sydney, difficulties with Irving separate the couple, with her attention refocused on Richie, who’s already locked in a frantic bid to make a name for himself by taking down a politician.

There’s an unusual atmosphere swirling around “American Hustle” that’s difficult to define. It’s based on the ABSCAM sting operation from the late 1970s, but the names and situations have been altered by Russell to transform the undercover event into something malleable enough to inspire a movie. There’s a stillness in the early going that’s unnerving, with the story launched in sideways manner that takes some effort to keep up with, as vocations and scams are discussed in a muted manner, leaving just enough information to continue on down the dramatic path, while clarity is achieved over the duration of the picture. “American Hustle” isn’t a puzzle, but Russell has no interest in treating the material as a procedural, taking his time building the characters and their individual tales of achievement before the extensive con begins. Instead of immediate velocity, the director keeps a tight leash on the film, basting in the juices of the era, with its clothes, music, and hair. My god, the hair.

American Hustle” opens with an extended shot of Irving assembling his intricate comb-over. It’s a process that requires a hairpiece, hairspray, and a system of layers that covers his scalp in full. It’s a weird scene to launch with, but Russell uses the moment as the ultimate character observation, taking in Irving’s exterior concentration before he spends the rest of the effort inspecting his interior rot, watching the con artist pushed into a scheme that’s out to nail Carmine for his crimes, only to discover all the good the mayor is planning with the quick cash. “American Hustle” has fun with the 1970s, dressing up the cast in high fashion and encouraging bigness of hair, with Adams especially stunning parading around in a series of plunging necklines to best amplify Sydney’s fake British identity during the ruse. It’s amusing to simply watch, teasing parody as Sydney and Richie conquer the local disco, while Irving hides behind enormous tinted glasses, yet Russell manages the exaggeration well, even finding sensuality in the midst of bad perms and stringy locks, as the ladies use their appearance to disarm the men in their lives, allowing the audience to fully understand why Irving and Richie risk everything to keep in touch.

The film doesn’t enjoy the crime at hand, aiming for more of a pressure cooker tone as trouble mounts for Irving and Sydney, watching as a simple decision to avoid jail time snowballs into mafia entanglements and an emotional connection to the targets. While it preserves a few choice twists in the scheme, “American Hustle” isn’t a lark. It’s more of a character study involving uniquely damaged people trapped in ill-fitting roles, each seeking escape through self-destruction. The feature doesn’t hit the normal pleasure centers, instead finding its own way through a mine field of trust issues as the con implodes.

For some, Russell’s distance might be maddening, especially when goosed by a barrage of camera movement, always maintaining swirling fluidity, and scored to a surprising amount of silence, with only soundtrack cuts cutting through the quiet. Those in tune with the helmer’s previous screen interests will have the advantage (though the divine mix of sweet and sour found in “Playbook” is missing this time out), blessed with the ability to process Russell’s moods faster, appreciating the feature’s odd posture. Performances carry the viewing experience to the finish line (Cooper is a live wire as Richie, while Bale nails mounting aguish as Irving), yet “American Hustle” remains a Russell production, teeming with all the awkward energy, combative conversations, and crooked sexuality the director is known for.

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American Hustle (2013) DVDScr Subtitle Indonesia

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