Free Download Movies Monster University 2013 [BRRip] + Subtitle English - Indonesia

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Free Download Movies Monster University 2013 [BRRip] + Subtitle English - Indonesia

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21 June 2013 (Indonesia)
Country USA
?Adventure | Animation |? Comedy
Director Dan Scanlon
Dan Scanlon (story), Daniel Gerson (story)
Starcast Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi
Rating Top Movies 21 on IMDB7,6/10
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English Review :

When it comes to Pixar Animation Studios, everyone comes with an unreasonable high expectation. Is not wrong. Since starting their adventure with the Toy Story (1995) and then presenting such films Finding Nemo (2003), The Incredibles (2004), Ratatouille (2007), WALL-E (2008), Up (2009) untill Toy Story 3 (2010) is not only a favorite of many viewers, but also changed the way most people on the animated film, Pixar animation Studios has been the artist's their own standards for the quality production of an animated film.

Not surprisingly, when Pixar Animation Studios released films like Cars 2 (2011) and and even Brave (2012) high quality (read: fairly entertaining but far from the impression privileged), many viewers are starting to doubt the consistency of the production house that is now in under the full management of the Walt Disney Pictures presents in re-animated films are classy.

Watch Online Trailer Monster University 2013

Not wrong ... but quite silly. As a bit reminders: Pixar Animation Studios is not never produce quality films that are really bad. If Cars (2006), Cars 2 or Brave released by other animation production house, three animated film will most likely get more credit for the strength of its telling.

Anyway ... Monsters University, a prequel of Monsters, Inc.. (2001), also seem to be getting the same reaction with the three movies. Admittedly, Monsters University comes with mediocre quality storytelling - and even, when compared to its predecessor, Monsters University was missed so much touch humanisnya.

But does it make Monsters University to be a bad presentation? Hardly. May seem too familiar, but the film directed by Dan Scanlon is obviously still has a lot of spurs that will be able to make a lot of viewers fell in love with the characters Mike and Sully - even if they've never watched Monsters, Inc. ..

With the text of a story written by Scanlon with Daniel Gerson and Robert L. Baird, Monsters University brings the audience back to a time when Michael "Mike" Wazowski (Billy Crystal) has just entered the lecture at Monsters University to fulfill a childhood dream to become a monster that can providing a sense of fear to small children.

The main problem is ... Mike did not have any physical condition who frightening. The result, although Mike easily absorb the knowledge about the manner of a child with a good scaring, Mike still underestimated by his partner, Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), as well as many other student colleagues.

In contrast to Mike, James P. "Sully" Sullivan (John Goodman) was born from clan who has been famous legendary monster in terms of generating fear. Even without studying a variety of tricks scare the given in Monsters University, Sully can easily scaring any small children he met with a roar with a decisive and strong.

With the differences between them, clearly understandable why Mike and Sully initially so mutually dislike each other. However, when Dean Hardscrabble then give them a challenge who could threaten their position in Monsters University, Mike and Sully are forced to work out their differences and begin to work together to address and resolve these problems.

Well ... it's true ... at all nothing special in the way of storytelling Monsters University - which is basically the story of the feud between the jocks and the nerds in college and then getting adjustments stories to be presented to the young audience.

Concepts about the world of monsters who ever served in Monsters, Inc.. clearly no longer a smart shock when re-presented in Monsters University. And if you are one of the spectators who expect to get a heightened emotional touch - that can make you cry - when choosing to watch Monsters University, then you will most likely be disappointed with the presentation Dan Scanlon for this movie.

True that Monsters University is a movie about friendship and a sense of the various things that happen in it, but Scanlon seems to prefer to focus on the fun side of the sense of camaraderie rather than presenting an effort to make the audience cry due to emotion.

But, once again, Monsters University, is not a bad presentation and obviously it will be difficult to be hated by the audience. Like the films of Pixar Animation Studios production, Monsters University is equipped with a visual display that is so alluring. Since a long time, Pixar Animation Studios has managed to obscure it (even removing) the boundary between an animated film with a live-action movie - reality and illusion.

The same thing also happened on Monsters University. Although the audience is presented with characters that are so colorful and obviously would not exist in real life, is very easy to forgot that the presentation is being presented is an animated film due to the ability of Pixar Animation Studios to deliver a stunning image details and camera system that is so live in following every movement of his character.

Scanlon capabilities with Daniel Gerson and Robert L. Baird in delivering dialogues are smart enough and lined with humor that feels fresh and entertaining also deserves more credit. And the first major, the voice of Monsters University managed to give life to each character is so strong that they serve.

Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise the character of Mike and Sully and comes with a chemistry that feels so close. Helen Mirren manages to look sinister as Dean Hardscrabble. Likewise with Steve Buscemi who mengisisuarakan character Randall "Randy" Boggs in Monsters University is given a little background story why he became an antagonist figure later in Monsters, Inc. ..

And still films just like Pixar Animation Studios other offerings, Monsters University also opened in the presence of a short film called The Blue Umbrella landing Saschka Unseld. Unlike the production of short films Pixar Animation Studios before, The Blue Umbrella presents animation techniques as applied to real photographic record.

Unfortunately, even though it is a technical success very charming - and accompanied by music layout directives Jon Brion is so hypnotic, The Blue Umbrella are less able to attend the special quality of the storytelling. It's nice but otherwise quite forgettable. In the end, it is very easy to pass judgment just for Monsters University: You would consider it trivial because it does not conform to the high standards of the films Pixar Animation Studios earlier that you have set for yourself or you just simply enjoy it and flowing with all the silliness that were presented and Scanlon in the presentation Monsters University.

Not easy to get rid of high ekspekstasi on a film by Pixar Animation Studios, but when you manage to do so, Monsters University will be quite capable of time-a very enjoyable time for all audiences

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Free Download Full Movies Monsters University 2013 Subtitle English - Indonesia

Free Download Full Movies Monsters University 2013 Subtitle English - Indonesia

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