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Free Download Full Movies After Earth 2013 + Subtitle English - Indonesia

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21 May 2013 (USA)
Country USA
Action | Adventure | Sci-FI
Director M. Night Shyamalan
Gary Whitta (screenplay), M. Night Shyamalan
Starcast Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Sophie Okonedo
Rating TopMovies21 on IMDB4,8/10
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English Review :

First of all ... let 's just be clear about one thing . See how the quality of the presentation story several films M. Last Night Shyamalan , it is not one that should still look forward to Shyamalan is back with a similar quality as he presents first ever in The Sixth Sense (1999 ) . On the other hand , it is a thing that is clear is that until now , Shyamalan had never attended the film quality is really bad . Well , Lady in the Water (2006 ) , The Happening (2008 ) and The Last Airbender ( 2010) may be difficult to accept by many as a row of work that stands out for the way the story is flat , boring or fail to properly explored . Even so , it must be admitted , even in a film that is considered to have the weakest qualities , Shyamalan is able to present the design and production storylines that were able to give the film some points of excellence .

And then comes the Earth ... After a movie script written by Shyamalan story with Gary Whitta ( The Book of Eli , 2010 ) based on the story idea came from the movie main star himself , Will Smith . Like The Pursuit of Happyness (2006 ) , which also starred Smith with his son , Jaden Smith , After Earth has a great potential to become a father and son relationship story that emotionally . Unfortunately , for some reason , just as impressed Shyamalan directing avoid the presence of the emotional element in the plot with full focus only on the visual appearance and layout production of this film . The result ... After Earth into a movie that is quite reassuring to be seen , but can be felt so empty to the audience .

Storyline After Earth itself , as expressed at the beginning of the film narrative , is in a thousand years after the fatal damage to the Earth's environment caused by various human misdeeds . So fatal damage to the Earth to be a decent location that is not ( and can not ) uninhabitable , forcing mankind to move to a new planet called Nova Prime . The arrival of humans to the planet followed not without problems . A group of extraterrestrials called S'krell intend to seize Nova Prime with diffuse familiar beast capable as Ursa hunt prey using their sense of fear . To address these matters , the human colony forming force called The Ranger Corps is tasked to maintain peace and security of mankind in Nova Prima .

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After Earth then introduces the two main characters , father and son pair , General Cypher Raige ( Will Smith ) and Raige Kitai ( Jaden Smith ) . Both have a less harmonious relationship , with General Cypher is being too rigid in dealing with the child . At the suggestion of his wife , Faia ( Sophie Okonedo ) , in order to bring them , then bring Kitai General Cypher in his journey . Damn , the plane carrying General Cypher with Kitai asteroid actually hit a row on their way and make the plane was forced to make an emergency landing on Earth . Now , General Cypher and Kitai must work together , get rid of the differences and the distance created between them , to be able to survive on Earth and ask for help from The Ranger Corps to bring them back to Nova Prime .

As befits a film aimed at the family market , After Earth is a movie that seems to want to bring the message of how a person should be able to cope with and overcome their fears . A " moral message " decent enough to say ... if only After Earth can be presented with an interesting presentation by the cast of characters who bring a variety of messages. Unfortunately , both Will Smith and Jaden Smith admittedly failed in performing the task. Jaden Smith's apparent lack of charisma to be left running alone along the film scene . Without the charisma , the character played by Jaden Kitai obviously be flat and failed to build an emotional connection with the audience . On the other hand , the father , Will , clearly an actor who has experience in similar films . However , just like the Earth After wasting a chance to explore a variety of acting skills with deep Will let it completely did not participate in most of the action scenes are presented by the film . General character Cypher and Kitai banyaki to separate scenes in the film is also further reduces the chances of the emergence of the right chemistry and warm between Will and Jaden Smith in the movie .

Obvious problems arise not only from the two main actors . After Earth story script written by M. Night Shyamalan along with Gary Whitta also admittedly never seen does not really explore the potential in it . The characters that appear are presented so shallow and flat . Various action scenes that are present in this film also impressed walk like a monotonous journey . Shyamalan execution that failed to deliver a powerful dramatization of the trip also makes After Earth was running much longer than the actual duration ' only ' reached 100 minutes . Luckily, Shyamalan still able to bring the quality of the production system is quite convincing that After Earth does not end up as a complete failure .

Obviously is very exaggeration to state that After Earth as a presentation that failed . LayaknyaThe Last Airbender , M. Night Shyamalan does seem to have a full audience knows where to be targeted in this film . Even so , there is no denying that the Earth After executed with quite weak . The presence of the visual system is quite deep, and layout directives James Newton Howard music is quite alive , failed to cover the weaknesses of the direction that makes Shyamalan After Earth was running so flat and slow . The two main stars , Will and Jaden Smith , also failed to provide a stronger appeal for After Earth with Jaden Smith almost looks comes with a performance that is so flat along his appearance . A mediocre results that clearly would not be able to improve the credibility Shyamalan briefly in the future .

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Free Download Full Movies After Earth 2013 Subtitle English - Indonesia

Free Download Full Movies After Earth 2013 Subtitle English - Indonesia 2

Free Download Full Movies After Earth 2013 Subtitle English - Indonesia

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