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Also Known As: Greu de pensionat 2
19 July 2013 (USA)
Country USA | France | Canada
English | Russian | French
Action | Comedy | CRIME | Thriller
Director Dean Parisot
Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber, 2 more credits »
Starcast Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich | See full cast and crew »
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English Review :

2010’s “RED” was a disappointment. Gifted a premise with serious action-comedy potential while surfing along an irresistible marketing hook, the picture didn’t live up to expectations, losing its focus as murky intrigue and overplotting gradually scooped the fun factor out of the geriatric mayhem, rendering it strangely inert. “RED 2” is more of the same mediocrity, though the antics are now emboldened by the original’s promising box office performance. Out to dish up the same watery stew of bullets and slapstick, the follow-up doesn’t achieve a personality of its own as it madly dashes to cover the same terrain as the earlier effort, only here the noise has been dialed up and co-star John Malkovich has been instructed to go full ham. This is not progress.

Attempting to live a life of peace with girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), Frank (Bruce Willis) can’t outrun his past, with pal Marvin (John Malkovich) warning the former black-ops CIA agent that his enemies are still after him. Framed for terrorist activities so government stooge Jack (Neal McDonough) can finally dispose of the troublemaker, Frank is informed that a nuclear weapon that went missing decades ago in Russia as returned, with imprisoned scientist Bailey (Anthony Hopkins) the only key to its whereabouts and destruction. Globetrotting, Frank, Marvin, and Sarah head to Russia to piece together clues, encountering Frank’s former flame Katja (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who’s also eager to locate Bailey.

Frank also has a headache in the form of Han (Lee Byung-hun), the world’s greatest contract killer, who’s out to settle a personal score with his old enemy. Dodging gunfire and evading capture, the team works on their infiltration skills, building Sarah’s confidence as an assassin, while additional help emerges when Victoria (Helen Mirren) joins the cause, adding her killer instinct to the fight.

Although it wasn’t rushed into production, “RED 2” has the ambiance of a movie that’s being made up as it goes, painting over cracks in the story with a copious amount of violence (bloodless to protect the PG-13 rating, but still excessive) that has innocents and evildoers dispatched with alarming inconsequence. The screenplay (credited to Jon and Erich Hoeber) is once again adapted from a DC comic book, giving the sequel leeway when it comes to random acts of silliness and shock. However, in the hands of director Dean Parisot (“Galaxy Quest,” “Fun with Dick and Jane”), the joviality of “RED 2” is flattened by muddled filmmaking and ridiculous bullet fetishism, abandoning the sliver of characterization that made up the finest moments of the 2010 picture. Someone told Parisot that “RED” was successful because of its hyperactivity, not its personality, and he cranks up the commotion to make his presence felt, taking the team around the world, arranging scrapes and shoot-outs galore.

RED 2” is repetitive, but not in an expectedly sequelized manner. Here, deja vu arrives with action sequences, which all look the same, featuring our heroes punching and blasting their way out of no-win situations, with car chases and a smattering of martial arts tossed in for flavoring. Parisot has one speed when it comes to excitement, draining the picture dry of tension in the first 15 minutes. There’s also an issue with the editing of the feature, which is so poorly constructed that it often makes entire scenes incomprehensible, with basic spatial relationships ignored. There are moments when it feels as though the production is just randomly stitching together footage, pumping up the images with big music and loud gunfire to divert attention away from the confusion of it all. With nearly two hours of screentime to work through, the ADD execution of the movie is frustrating to watch unfold.

There’s more of an international approach to “RED 2,” finding the gang hitting the streets of Paris to nab and extract information from superspy The Frog (David Thewlis), also infiltrating the Kremlin to complete their mission with Bailey in tow. Perhaps the largest development of the picture is Sarah, who’s handed an expanded role as the mousy woman is offered more responsibilities when it comes time to kill, even offered a personalized gun from Frank to cement his love for her. Considering how squealy and mannered Parker plays the role, more screentime with Sarah isn’t a good thing. The rest of the cast goes through the motions, but it’s Malkovich who makes the effort to be noticed, playing up Marvin’s tics and rubbery reactions as the comic relief of the movie. He’s a Hanna-Barbera figure in a weirdly severe sequel, yet Parisot loves him, urging Malkovich to chase whatever impulse arrives.

RED 2” is a needless sequel, especially when it doesn’t actually build on anything established in the original picture. It’s a retread that’s borderline obnoxious, visually inept, and dramatically flaccid (the climax involves bomb-centric wire cutting and a ticking clock, just to make sure all clichés are covered). At one point, Marvin drops an explosive device down a group of toilets located inside the Kremlin. The device detonates, raining fecal matter everywhere, causing quite a disgusting mess. If there’s a better metaphor for the way “RED 2” conducts itself, I’d like to hear about it.

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