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The Conjuring
19 July 2013 (USA)
Country USA
English | Latin
Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Director James Wan
Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes
Starcast Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ron Livingston | See full cast and crew
Rating Download Top IMDB Movies 21  /10
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English Review :

Of course it is not easy for James Wan to scare the audience can re- post Insidious which already provide a high enough standard for modern horror , but nevertheless we should still expect a lot of that work will be directed for the series to seven Fast and the Furious , The Conjuring is still able to speak many in its task of thrill maximum a supernatural horror offerings , and the good news , we still will find all the fun things you ever get to call it scoring eerie Insidious prominent , small family fears , Patrick Wilson and grandmother grandong sightings .

And become more frightening is the fact that the narrative of The Conjuring adapted by Hayes twins , Chad and Carey ( House Of Wax remake ) of the true story of the famous duo of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are also married couples ( here played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga ) when investigating the Perron family owned a haunted residence located on the outskirts of Rhode Island in the 70's era .

If you can put it all why only one or two , yes , this time James Wan is not half-hearted , if only Insidious moves in the realm of the haunted house subgenre Wan being ' greedy ' here to include more exciting things you'll ever see since the 70's era horrors .

In addition to the haunted house viscous element that looks like a combination of The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist there is an element of demonic possession that led to exorcism as well as The Exorcist , and if you look at a collection of objects owned by Ed and lorraine armature was somewhat reminiscent of the classic television series Friday the 13th : The Series plus a little seasoning witchcraft and curses .

Sometimes it 's okay to be a little greedy as long as you know what you are doing , and Wan clearly knows how to blend all the classic spices into a delicious dish with starch horror Insidious is thick with scoring wrenching plots Joseph Bishara and signature Wan kinds of creepy doll and scary grandma who has been carrying since the SAW and Dead Silence .

The story itself tells the story of Roger Perron ( Ron Livingston ) and his wife and five daughters recently moved into an old house located in a remote area in Harrisville , Rhode Island . Of course they hope will start a happy new life in the house , but predictably mysterious events start happening in the house .

It all started with the death of their dog , all that stops right at home at 3:07 pm , until the discovery of a hidden cellar . They slowly began to realize that there are spirits living in the house when the terrors begin to happen and the longer the perceived harm for them .

They also decided to call the service Ed Warren ( Patrick Wilson ) and Lorraine Warren ( Vera Farmiga ) , a husband and wife paranormal ability has been recognized in many cases reveal the supernatural .

The Conjuring James Wan shows a maturity . He patiently guide you slowly towards your worst nightmare . If you assume a 5-minute opening scene presents her " grandmother " Chucky , Annabel was quite scary , then be prepared for something bigger in the rest of the 100 minute .

After its opening scene of The Conjuring moving slowly , introducing the character - karkaternya through two separate stories and make sure that the audience knows what anybody Ed and lorraine and something evil is happening in the unfortunate Perron family residence until eventually all joined in one point .

Wan expertly execute everything , create a script familiar duo of Hayes and the story becomes much more dire in fact visually . Some scary moments may have never seen ; door creaked open and his own , mysterious voices to horrible black shadows , but take it easy, with a little creativity Wan modify everything .

He knew exactly how playing wildest imagination when imagining terrible things that you can not see . It draws intelligently stretching tempo , do not want to fall into the horror The Conjuring cheap that only sell sightings , including putting all the horrors of both CGI and non - CGI in places you might not expect , and then Boooo ! The horrible screams finally come without you knowing .

Remain steadfast , because the best part is yet to come . Think of it as the first 30 minutes of ' gymnastic ' heart , there is a peak in the remaining duration when Wan began to reduce his plays , all of them focusing on the horror that rocked nonstop adrenaline and the effect would be devastating for the audience to be weak .

Watch The Conjuring is the same as entering a haunted house ride filled with horrible screams and moments of jump - scares , but The Conjuring obviously much better than any vehicle you've ever entered . Maybe some of his viral ( eg warnings posted in front of the theater , bring suggestions priest ) and some audience reaction a bit excessive ( of which WO unconscious ) , but the fact is The Conjuring is serving scary , and James Wan success mendaramatisasi in fact be serving a horror story exciting and intelligent supernatural that would later be remembered long enough .

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