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The Lone Ranger
3 July 2013 (USA)
Country USA
Action | Adventure | Western
Director Gore Verbinski
Justin Haythe (screenplay), Ted Elliott (screenplay), 4 more credits ยป
Starcast Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner | See full cast and crew
Rating Download Top IMDB Movies 21  6,6/10
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English Review :

Do not be too surprised if a lot of reviews about The Lone Ranger would describe this film as a " western variation of the film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean " . Well ... with the presence as producer Jerry Bruckheimer , Gore Verbinski directing seat and Johnny Depp who , once again , performed with the role that has characteristics quite similar to the character of Captain Jack Sparrow , The Lone Ranger is a lot of talk in a tone that is almost in rhythm with the franchise film has generated revenue of more than U.S. $ 3.7 billion of future worldwide release them.

Not a real big issue because regardless of the duration of the story that is too long , Verbinski is able to work on The Lone Ranger into a western dish that is quite entertaining .

With the text of a story that was adapted by writer duo movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean , Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio , along with Justin Haythe ( Snitch , 2013) of the radio drama series titled the same , The Lone Ranger began his story with the background of the location in the city of Colby , Texas , USA , in 1896 .

Told , Dan Reid ( James Badge Dale ) who is head of the city unit of the security guards to get the job of a millionaire , Latham Cole ( Tom Wilkinson ) , to catch a criminal named Butch Cavendish ( William Fitchner ) . And then recruited his brother , John Reid ( Armie Hammer ) - a big city lawyer who had just returned to his hometown , as well as six other men to participate in the journey to trace Butch .

In the middle of the trip , Dan and his flock into a trap that had been prepared by Butch . Together with his group , Butch managed to kill Dan and the people who participated in the course with him . Luckily, John later rescued by an Indian man named Tonto ( Johnny Depp ) .

Although at first did not really like the felt presence of Tonto always disturbing , John then agreed to travel together in search of Butch after Tonto Tonto tells John that one friend Dan has been betrayed and Tonto himself has a personal grudge against Butch figure .

The Lone Ranger actually offers a fairly simple storyline : two characters with two conflicting personalities and do not like each other then find a reason that they can work together and eventually formed a close friendship . And The Lone Ranger were able to walk to the rhythm of storytelling is quite convincing as the story focuses on the character of Tonto and tells how John Reid , who would later become The Lone Ranger , doing his adventures in trying to capture the antagonist character , Butch Cavendish .

However , unfortunately , Justin Haythe , Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio then trying too hard to fill The Lone Ranger with a variety of themes that are too complex storytelling , ranging from political elements , corruption , cultural differences between the two different breeds to competition of love between the two brothers . As a result, the way the story is supposed to be short and simple running was running out of breath at the middle of it with a duration of storytelling become widespread without a strong essence until all 149 minutes .

Fortunately , slowly , Gore Verbinski is able to spruce up and bring back the stories The Lone Ranger into the groove storytelling that further highlight the strength of the friendship between the two main characters , comedic interactions formed between the two and row action scenes are pretty well organized .

And when good music William Tell Overture, which is presented by the iconic composer Hans Zimmer to accompany the final fight scene between The Lone Ranger and Tonto with his opponents , Verbinski has successfully led the Lone Ranger became an entertainment offerings really classy ! Were also very helpful The Lone Ranger to be a clear presentation interesting storytelling comes from the quality appearance of the performers acting department .

Johnny Depp was performed with the behavior that will remind everyone on the character 's iconic Captain Jack Sparrow , but there is no denying Depp still able to interpret the character well and very entertaining . However , the most attention is the obvious Armie Hammer who plays John Reid / The Lone Ranger .

By way of storytelling that seems to put forward the Tonto character than the character he played , obviously is very mengangumkan to see that Hammer is still able to attend steal the show in every scene that involves the presence of himself .

Blend Hammer and Depp's appeal and both were so warm chemistry to make the trip to follow The Lone Ranger - even at its weakest point though - be very enjoyable . In addition to the main cast , The Lone Ranger is also filled with a row of other actors who are able to show their character with a strong , even though it comes with some characters that are too shallow excavations .

Helena Bonham Carter still manages to look eccentric in a brief role . The same thing can be noted from the appearance of the character Tom Wilkinson actually plays a fairly important , but presented with a plot that is so minimal . William Fitchner also able to represent the antagonistic character of Butch Cavendish so brutal . Other names such as James Badge Dale , Barry Pepper and Ruth Wilson also appear convincing in their roles .

With a duration of storytelling that reaches more than 120 minutes , The Lone Ranger admittedly not always present with the storytelling flow smoothly . Attempts to bring this film to the row of the theme of storytelling is more complex than just a bromance unexpected story of two characters with conflicting personalities instead provide its own complexities and could make The Lone Ranger was running so monotonous .

Fortunately , the direction of Gore Verbinski is quite strong and so convincing chemistry between Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer were able to make The Lone Ranger still feel attractive even in the weakest moment though . Not perfect , but it is certainly still able to attend as a western presentation is so entertaining .

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