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Also Known As: Wolverine 2
26 July 2013 (USA)
Country USA
English | Japanese
Action | Adventure | | Fantasy | Sci-FI
Director James Mangold
Mark Bomback (screenplay), Scott Frank (screenplay)
Starcast Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima | See full cast and crew
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English Review :

While greeted with robust box office, 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was met with fan apathy, with most complaints stemming from the studio’s attempt to make a colorful, cartoony mutant nation movie out of a solo effort (wedging into an acting role didn’t exactly help the cause either), crowding out the central appeal of the picture. With “The Wolverine,” the boat now rocks in the opposite direction, stripping away the theme park vibe of the previous film to craft a more pained take on the clawed superhero’s ongoing tango with mortality, eschewing big action for furrowed brows and Japanese melodrama. The change in scenery is attractive, yet “The Wolverine” is missing fire in its belly, feeling mummified by its intentional downshift into a mood piece.

Near the end of WWII (1945) , Logan (High Jackman) saved the life of Yashida (played by Ken Yamamura as a young man, Hal Yamanouchi in old age), his jailer at a Japanese prison camp. Decades later, Yashida is looking to return the favor, dispatching mutant Yukio (Rila Fukushima) to retrieve the Wolverine from the wilds of Canada, where the haunted hero still mourns the loss of Jean Grey (Famke Janssen). Flown to Japan to greet tech tycoon Yashida on his deathbed, Logan is offered a chance at mortality in exchange for his healing powers, finally allowed to die with dignity.

While refusing the request, Logan finds himself caught up in a power play between the yakuza and a swarm of ninja led by Kenuichio (Will Yun Lee), who’s sworn an oath to protect Yashida’s daughter, Mariko (Tao Okamoto), who stands to take over the family business. Drawn to the target, Logan escorts Mariko to the far reaches of Japan for safekeeping, only to uncover a plan to steal his adamantium with the help of a secret weapon, aided by toxin-spitting scientist, Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova).

There’s a clear creative goal for “The Wolverine,” which sets out to erase the bad taste left behind by “X-Men Origins,” picking up the tale after “X-Men: The Last Stand,” where Wolverine was forced to kill love Grey for the protection of mutant kind. When we greet him in the new picture, he’s a wreck, unkempt and plagued by nightmares, furious with cowardly hunters who’ve used poisoned arrows to bring down a grizzly bear, yet careful to keep his berserker side in check. He’s moody instead of smart-alecky, forgoing cigars to munch on his own tongue as a method of self-control. The screenplay seeks to reinvent Logan as a shattered man who’s lost his edge, preferring to retreat from society instead of being constantly required to save it.

The reserved approach is compelling, mindful of character instead of visual effects, attempting to introduce new layers to a character making his sixth “X-Men” franchise appearance. And it works for the most part, establishing a troubled soul offered a shot at normalcy -- a chance to actually die for a change, thus ending his routine of rage. While “The Wolverine” opens with stunning sequence that features Logan protecting Yashida from an atomic bomb blast (crisping the mutant’s skin), it’s apparent from the opening reel that this sequel will be the least action-intensive of the group.

Director James Mangold (“Walk the Line,” “Knight and Day”) has the right idea with “The Wolverine,” and the feature contains a few eye-catching chase set pieces, including one situated atop a bullet train, where Logan combats pure speed as he knocks around baddies. Visually, the picture impresses, with a beautiful look that emphasizes Japanese and noir influences, mixing up the normal forest/mansion/greenscreen look the series has enjoyed thus far.

Mangold adds exotic flavors to the mutant Crock-Pot, but his sense of pace and guidance of performance is way off, leaving “The Wolverine” in stasis as it works on its tension, perhaps too lost in Logan angst to make the character meaty once again. Jackman’s always a joy in the role, and really sinks his teeth into the weariness of the man, exposing a vulnerability that’s inviting in small doses. Cruelly, the star’s charisma isn’t matched by the supporting cast, with Fukushima and Okamoto absolutely dreary in critical roles, adding little to the film besides beauty.

And Khodchenkova has nothing to do as Viper besides fill out her green latex costume, failing to ignite the other showy mutant role the screenplay allows. The wooden acting dampens Mangold’s concentration on incendiary human conflicts, though, in a way, it does reinforce the sequel’s mission to keep the spotlight firmly on Jackman. There’s just nobody else here worth watching.

Making time with a lecherous political figure and a stillborn romance between Logan and Mariko, along with ninja attacks and a scene of self-surgery to keep younger audiences engaged, “The Wolverine” takes a sharp detour toward spectacle with its grand finale, pitting Logan against the forces of evil inside a secret lair. It’s Jackman mingling with CGI in the form of the giant Silver Samurai, trading blows in a manner that’s become routine to the “X-Men” franchise. While the surge in screen energy is badly needed, the actual display of villainy is ineffective and stiff choreography shows awareness of movement. It’s not the capper “The Wolverine” deserves, registering as a concession to a frightened studio fearful they’ve spent a fortune on a movie where a macho hero goes all existential for two hours.

There’s another Wolverine adventure coming next summer, with Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” threatening to be the battle royal of mutant characters fans have been clamoring for. Perhaps “The Wolverine” should be considered more of a flavorless palate-cleanser for future plotlines, boiling down the basics of the character for a more intimate go-around, trying to get inside Logan’s head instead of dodging his razor claws.

Plot Keywords : wolverine | samurai | funeral | japanese | immortality
Taglines : The hero. The fugitive. The warrior. The survivor. The legend.

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