Free Download Full Movies World War Z (2013) UNRATED CUT + Subtitle English - Indonesia

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Free Download Full Movies World War Z + Subtitle English - Indonesia

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21 Juni 2013
Country USA
Action | Adventure | Animation | Horror | Sci-FI | Thriller | War Movies
Director Marc Forster
Matthew Michael Carnahan (screenplay),
Drew Goddard (screenplay)
Starcast Brad Pitt, David Morse ,
James Badge Dale, Mireille Enos and others
Rating TopMovies21 on IMDB7,2/10
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English Review :

What does the "Z" behind the title? If you coincidence not know anything about the latest film directed Finding Neverland and Quantum of Solace, Marc Foster's unless there is a figure in which Brad Pitt who previously won this horror mega project of hands Leonardo DiCaprio

"Z" is short for "Zombie" Yes, you know him as one of the world's inhabitants being the longest horror movie with vampires and werewolves, but unlike his colleagues zombie sub-genre did not experience any significant changes except when Jonathan Levine with 'sassy' give too much romance and other strange things in Warm Bodies with Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer in the early years.

But despite Warm Bodies quite bold, fresh and fun, but it's not a zombie movie that we are looking for, we do not need a massive invoasi genre for this one, the 'rot' is the better idea and Foster not only maintains all the classic elements that borrowed from the author's novel "the Zombie Survival Guide", Max Brooks, but he is also transferring any page in the sheet triple the scale of films about the undead you've ever seen, it's like Contagion meets Dawn of the Dead.

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One thing is for sure, World War Z is moving very fast, as fast as the movement of the zombies in here, even Sanking fast he did not give a chance for Brad Pitt is here to be a former UN investigator completed a guessing with his wife and two daughters and a sudden just BOOOM!! We've seen running to and fro in the middle of a big mess with explosions and horrific screams then mengatarkan us to the middle of the ocean with his former boss who assigned him back to examine the origin of the deadly virus in order to find a solution of the terrible disease that almost ruled the earth.
Fast and suspenseful, two elements that have actually been more than enough to describe the situation in World War Z, but it's just not fun. If you think you have ever seen a zombie in large numbers then it certainly will silence you.

World War Z
dedicated a gigantic scale, combining the zombie sub-genre and medical disaster movie And as if to explain the title is indeed a world war against zombies that involves not just hundreds but millions of undead CGI cornucopia of big waves tub dirty flood almost swept civilization.

Setting is also broad, from the halls of apartments and cramped laboratory, aircraft until the big countries (United States, South Korea, Israel and Wales) all of which are injected with high levels of tension that almost did not give you gap to breathe and forget the blood level and his low gore.
The script arable of adaptation Matthew Michael Carnahan who also polished Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield) and Damon Lindelof (Prometheus) may be simple, it's all about survival but finally did a solid results. Other elements that combine classic and modern from the atmosphere tense and terrible scoring Marco Beltrami until element is warm and family-style spy movie investigations viruses and other little surprises that can make World War Z to be a lot more fun because there is something we can see rather than just look at the humans in it merely survive from zombie bites.

World War Z
is clearly a pleasant surprise this summer. Until the end of last year we did not feel his presence but traillernya give us some idea what it has to offer and let's see what happens now?

This is one of the best zombie movies ever, not just because it offers a super large-scale, sophisticated CGI effects with a giant budget and directed by film director Marc Forster's caliber starring Brad Pitt, but this is all just a lethal combination of all preoccupation that you find in movies zombie-movie with little polish tension and excitement are topnotch.

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